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Horse Racing Tips: Buying Your Own Thoroughbred

A great deal of man's victories are shared with horses. They were hardworking pawns of generals, fine escorts of kings, and loyal companions of knights. These days, they accompany man in a new form of victory-winning a horse race. Buying your own racehorse can be a very tricky and challenging. You should have all the right purchasing, breeding, and horse racing tips to make your investment enjoyable and profitable.

A thoroughbred is the breed strong enough for a race. People like coaching them for sports and tournaments because they are elegant, powerful, intelligent, and athletic. The first factor to look at in owning one is the fee. This sport is not known as the ‘Sport of Kings’ for nothing. You need to fork out approximately $10,000 to claim the thoroughbred as your own at the time of purchase. Once you take it home, that is when the real payments mount up. Prepare your pockets for as much as $24,000 yearly for training costs, $3,000 for veterinary charges, and $3,000 for food and grooming expenses. These total an average of $30,000 a year. You may get the aid of a bloodstock agent if you do not have sufficient background and know-how with horses. These agents buy and sell the animals, so you can seek their advice or ask them to accompany you during the time of purchase.

Once you already own the animal, envision the kind of future you desire for it, and what kind of races you wish to embark on. This would guide you in selecting the ideal trainer and jockey to work together with your pet. You generally pay trainers around $100 on a daily basis. They formulate dietary plans, design behavioural modification programs, conduct routine health assessments, and create training exercises that can assist thoroughbreds develop their best competitive form. Jockeys, on the other hand, are important once your animal is ready to compete. A good jockey with right riding know-how can make your pet’s physical attempts more effective throughout the tournament.

Secure a license in order to be a part of various races as soon as your thoroughbred is already mature enough. Look into application processes, prerequisites, and fees set by your state. Also enroll the animal in a jockey club so it may be given an official name and customised silk to wear as a trademark in the tracks. If they perform consistently well and garner high horse ratings in the track, your efforts in caring and training your pets well will be compensated with thousands or even millions of bucks in no time.

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